Mars Rivers flowing with water & ships

Mars Images of Intelligent Life

ENLARGE your browser page size to best view the text & Images.  Please read the text information so you wont miss any details in the photos

These images of Mars are genuine. I obtained them directly from the official websites of NASA, MSSS, ESA, USGS and Google Earth-Mars (which obtained all of their imagery from the same agencie)s.

This next image is a photo ofclouds reflecting off the waternear a polar glacier on Mars. I removed the false censor coloring and shaded a couple structures under the glacier and behind the compass. I did not add any colors. But otherwise, this image is virtually untouched. I will include the original, untouched image below this one so you can see how they used false coloring to hide the water and cloud reflections. There are alsonumerous craft under the base of the glacier at the waters edge. I also included…

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